Holding Space for Self-Organising Teams

A Holding Space fundamental worskhop with Janine Broekhuizen

About the Workshop

Foundational level

An experiential learning workshop for people who lead or facilitate self-organising teams

Holding space for your teams

As a leader or coach, you influence the teams you work with. This may be different when they are self-organising or more in a classical hierarchical setting. Whether you are a top-down leader or a ‘servant-leader’ working with teams in an agile context, you hold the very important task to generate the right conditions for creativity, innovation and collaboration.

In this knowledge and digital economy, now more than ever, how you ‘hold the space‘ of working will influence team dynamics and their ability to perform.

Purpose of the workshop

This workshop will explore the difference of how teams relate to leadership in an agile context versus in the more classical hierarchical setting. In both settings the role of the leader or facilitator is crucial and can encourage or discourage a team to perform. How do you manage the tension between leading, coaching and contributing?


Explore & Discover (Questions the workshop explores)

This hour-hour workshop will be focused on experiential exercises through which leaders or facilitators experience how to ‘hold the space’ for themselves, others and the organisation.

  • We will go into the newer theories of agile management (but not into detail of scrum/Kanban) and also dive into some older theories on group processes.
  • How do you manage the tension between leading and contributing in a self-organising environment
  • Becoming aware of your general pattern of how you hold space for yourself and for others and
  • a chance to experiment with new ways of holding.

What will be your key-takeaways?

After the workshop you will:

  • Understand the different levels of self-organisation and the function of hierarchy
  • Recognise that the space inside of you is as important as the space around you Understand the art of “holding” and its need for people to flourish
  • Experience how your leadership style influences others and develops over time
  • Understand group dynamics and the role of uncertainty and anxiety
  • Experience how as a team-member you can hold the space and influence the conditions of creativity, innovation and collaboration.

Who is this for? 

This workshop is for anyone working in a team-environment. It is particularly helpful if you have had a number of years of experience leading teams in the classical hierarchical setting and would like to switch to a more agile self-organising setting.

You may be:


  • Working as an agile coach or leader
  • Leading a community with self-organising teams
  • Working as a department or team-leader
  • Facilitating or coaching others in groups

About the facilitator

Janine is a change and organisational development consultant and an experienced Agile coach, group facilitator and designer of workshops.

Janine has over 15 years of experience in organisational development and coaching in Asia Pacific, London and Vienna.

She has worked for global organisations like Ogilvy and EY and with clients in the financial, pharmaceutical and luxury brand industry. Janine has specialised her work in agility, teaming and emergent change.

For more information, visit her website ODCoaching.

Your ticket includes

  • Optinal pre-workshop materials
  • 2-day Level 1 Training
  • Support materials
  • Set-up of post-workshop self-organised small group work (opt-in)
  • 1-hour post-workshop online session
  • Certificate of active participation indicating links to professional competency development
  • 14 CCEUs for ICF registered coaches
  • all refreshments and ligh snacks at the venue over the 2-day training
  • Eventbrite ticketing and credit card fees
  • value-added tax (Mehrwertssteuer)

Upcoming dates

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