Privacy Policy
of The Holding Space


We want you to feel safe and secure using our website, social media sites and services. Our philosophy is to be professional and treat our customers and their personal data just as we would like to be treated ourselves. In a nutshell that means – with respect. We only use the information you provide us with to fulfill your request. There are 3 places currently where customers and fans of The Holding Space give their personal data. These are:


To register to our mailing list for regular updates to our blog etc

To register for our free events

To purchase or book a place on one of our paid workshops


Examples of personal data includes first and surnames names, email addresses and in the case of making a purchase includes bank or credit card details and where a value added tax receipt is required an appropriate address.


This Privacy Policy is part of our Terms and Conditions.


This policy sets out the kind of information we gather, what we do with it, how we store it and the choices you have regarding the collection of your personal information as well as records from events or personal & professional development workshops.


We reserve the right to change this policy in light of changing legislation or security requirements.


When our clients give personal information about someone else, for example, of another person in their organisation, we treat that information with the same respect and professionalism as if that information had been received from the third person directly.


The same standards and policy approaches cover information given via social media sites.  For example, the facebook /linkedin names of The Holding Space facebook fans.

So what information do we collect?

Main purpose
Information collected
Systems and Data Security Measures

The Holding Space Newsletter

First name, last name and email address

We use Mailchimp processes to verify that the person registering is in fact the owner of the email and that the details are correct. Data is stored within MailChimp servers. You can find out more about that by clicking here or copying this url into your browser.

The Holding Space community events or personal professional development services  provided via a third person (eg – purchasing department or in partnership with a third party guest facilitator)

Purchaser personal information – name, address, telephone number


Details of required delivery address if different to client address


Name and telephone number if services being delivered to a different person other than the purchaser


Bank or credit card details to enable payment to be made

We use Eventbrite to enable booking a place/ticket at our personal and professional development events or experiences.  Data is naturally held within the Eventbrite system. You can access more about Eventbrites privacy policy here


This information is also held and accessed by our financial accounting system server located in Austria.


In the rare event that we need to share certain personal information with third party companies and fulfillment organisations, we check that their data privacy policies and practices meet with the same or higher standards than our own.


Bank or Credit Card Details. The transfer of funds is transactioned by Eventbrite via secure link. We do not receive nor hold any of your personal banking details.


After completion of the sales translation, all personal data connected to your purchase will be stored securely and only made available to those who have due authority to see or use it.  


We use personal names to produce our certificates of active participation at our learning events.

Event photography and videoing

Images of participants


Video of activities or during break-out sessions or break times/networking

During event registration on the day, we ask for your specific permission to use any image or video footage taken during our events.  We respect individual preferences and do our utmost to ensure that only photographs or short video footage containing images or footage of people who have given consent are utilized for promotion/event recap/blog etc purposes.


If we mistakenly use any persons’ image without their consent, or unknowingly use it for a purpose they are unhappy about, we invite the person concerned to contact us and we will immediately do all within our power to remove the image or video clip.

Legal Disclosure of Personal Information

From time to time or in specific circumstances we may be obliged to share personal data with other third parties who need legal access to enable them to fulfill their and our legal obligations. Examples might include to external auditors or accountancy firms to verify our financial records. Another example might include tax authorities responsible for proper recording and payment of duties and taxes.

European and Non-European users

The website is hosted in the Austria.   If you are accessing the website from a jurisdiction with privacy laws or regulations that differ from European laws, please be advised that through your continued use of the website, you are transferring your personal information to the European Union and you consent to that transfer.  

 Mailchimp is registered and stores its data in the United States.  By subscribing and continuing to access our newsletter via mailchimp you give permission for your data to be transferred outside of the European union for this purpose.

 Other social media platforms – facebook, linkedin, Meetup, Instagram, Twitter and others store personal information both within and outside the European Union.  Where we connect through any of these platforms, we acknowledge your right to the personal privacy settings you have selected with each platform you use.

Questions and comments

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding The Holding Space privacy policy or other aspects of our website or online ticketing offering please do get in touch with us.  You can do this on the contact page of The Holding Space or by writing to Geweygasse 5/11, 1190 Wien, Austria.

Last Updated
February 2019