Meet Shirley

‘It’s in the relationship with others that we figure things out and how to apply the knowledge we soak up from books, Youtube videos and online learning programs.  That’s why being part of a community of practice is so crucial to our own development and growth.’

Shirley is one of the founders of The Holding Space.  With a life long career in global human resources she latterly focussed more on leadership development and adult learning.  This is her sweet spot. Now Shirley focuses on coaching, mentoring and supporting others who coach and mentor to be enabled and supported in their own work.  She does this through her own practice

Graduating on from coaching to coaching supervision she became a regional Ambassador for the international Association of Coaching Supervisors.

Why do you care about Holding Space?

Because it is that uniquely individual quality and capacity to hold space for others that determines the quality of our work as a coach, mentor or facilitator.  And we need to be held too in doing our own work on ourselves. When we grow, somehow there is a knock-on effect to the people we interact with. The Holding Space is designed to provide that space for people who share this way of looking at things and are motivated to continuously develop both personally and professionally.

What’s your role in the Holding Space?

I wear many hats.  For now, my focus is on pulling the right elements together to enable the Holding Space to take form on stable foundations and the right conditions for it to be nurtured, grow and flourish.  I care about our community, quality assurance, ethics and doing the right thing in this topsy turvy world. We are experimenting with new models of organising and making things happen. I support and enable that with others in the team.

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