The Holding Space

is an experiential learning space

for people in a coaching, mentoring or facilitation role

Why we care about holding space?


We all affect space, whether we are aware of it or not.

Through our coaching role, presence and behaviour, we determine the quality of space that we interact in with others.

Holding space is a subtle skill. It is not taught to us at school.

It’s something about stepping out of the centre of the conversation and ‘taking in’ the wider field.

By being aware of the wider field, we can create spaces that feel held, purposeful and charged with energy, so people are called forward to do things they never thought they could do.

Daniela shares why she cares about holding space

for people in a coaching or mentoring role. The Holding Space offers events to build ongoing professional capabilities.

At a Holding Space event you can expect …


  • guest coaches or facilitators to explore with you in-depth a coaching skill or topic, followed by practice and exercises.

  • The learning is mainly experiential. That means working on your own with yourself, with others in pairs, small groups or in open space-type activities.


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What people say about the Holding Space

It was an interesting experience of holding space for oneself and for others. I would like to call it to create ‚new comfort zones’ for oneself where we can invite others to join with respect to our own and their holding spaces.

It had a physical dimension, a heart  dimension and a brain dimension.

The attitude of leadership shall be one of the crucial qualities required of each of us to hold individual and group space. Leading by task could then cause a rotative leadership model where we take turns to come in and check out.

Gisela Ebermayer-Minich

Business consultant, E.M.G. cloud consulting e.U.

The openness of the group was pretty liberating and I liked the way Daniela brought things down to the point.

Participant feedback on

Expanding Presence Workshop, February 2019